How to: Clean EBPS and Improve MPG

If you have noticed a steady decline in MPGs from your 7.3L Powerstroke, it could be from a clogged EBP sensor or tube. I will show you how you can fix it in 30 mins for free. -------- Replacement EBP Tube: Ford P/N: 1C3Z9D477AA Replacement EBP Sensor: Ford P/N: 4C3Z9J460A There can be many causes for a loss of MPG, but it never hurts to check something, especially if its free.

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Ford 7.3 liter Diesel bad fuel economy/lack of power: back pressure line fix $$ save $$
My Ford Excursion was having bad fuel economy and lack of power when it was cold. It made this sucking sound until the engine was completely up to temperature. I did research online to figure out what the problem was. This video is of troubleshooting the problem from a cold start, the repair of the line and testing after the repair was completed. This is a fairly quick repair if you have all the tools that I show in the video. The day I did this repair, it was 32 degrees all day. I froze my butt off. Since finishing the video I've run a whole tank of fuel through the Excursion and I am getting much better fuel mileage. Also I searched online and there is a replacement line availiable for $20. so if you know what the problem is and can wait for a shipment find it online to save. I hope this video helps fix your problem, Like, comment, share and Subscribe because you never know what I am going to do next.

Cleaning EBPS Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor on 7.3l Ford Powerstroke
Cleaning my EBPS to help Milage and performance. On Auto Enginuity Pressure dropped from 34 to 19 at idle on one of our trucks and noticable power increase. Sorry battery went dead while I was under the truck on the camera.

7.3 PowerStroke EBPV delete

Ford Powerstroke 7.3L Diesel MOD 45 hp for 1 dollar !!!
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