1974 Oldsmobile Omega

What a beautiful car! This was at the 2012 car show in Buena Vista, Colorado. All photos of this '74 Olds Omega: http://coloradoguy.com/1974-oldsmobile-omega/photos.htm

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1974 Olds Omega a Father & son Production
Father and son go out to test their latest creation.

1974 Oldsmobile Omega Burnout

Olds 5.7 Diesel First Start
First start after taking an engine that sat in a field (in a car) for 17 years and was seized. Pistons were machined to drop the compression ratio to 18:1, piston rings un-seized from the pistons and reassembled using new head gaskets and ARP head bolts. Almost all parts with the exception of seals and rocker arms were reused. The rocker arms ate away at the tip of the valves and had no other option than replacement. The valve stems were ground back to flat using a 2" sanding disc. The injection pump was disassembled to remove a deteriorated governor ring and the governor assembly was welded solid (the ring only serves to reduce vibration in the assembly and therefore a smoother idle). The injectors were taken apart, cleaned and pop tested (a couple were seized). They were then set to pop at 2300 psi, instead of the factory 1800, and tested for excessive leaking. The engine initially ran rough, but on subsequent fires has continued to smooth out. The engine will receive a super charger from a 3.8 Buick and ultimately be put to duty in the 24 Hours of Lemons. What could go wrong?

This is Garrett's 1974 Oldsmobile Omega. This Shows his exterior, Interior, and how it runs. It does not include how the engine looks though.