98 civic stock b18b1 turbo merging

Merging onto the highway Stock b18b1 w/ a .60 trim turbo @ 8psi and other bolt ons

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303whp 260trq Stock block and head LS integra
16psi pump gas. Retuned later to 17psi and 328whp on a different Dyno. Still stock block and head

[ENG CC] Spoon Civic EG6 B18C vs. Civic Type R EK9 B16B in Ebisu 1998
miroshi's Integra Type R #1920 homepage: http://itr1920.blogspot.com/ A race between Spoon EG6 1.8 B18C (Keiichi Tsuchiya) and normal Civic Type R EK9 1.6 B16B (Takuya Kurosawa) at Ebisu 1998.

Stock B18b1 ebay turbo setup
the haters will hate, its cool .. 92 eg hatch b18b1 LS motor obd1 5spd LS trans 100% stock 63 trim ebay turbo setup 11 psi street tires this basemap was for someone elses car, tuned on 13lbs REAL tune coming soon .. just a sneak peak .. looking to get into the high 12's low 13's with a good tune on 11lbs and slicks

Turbo Integra b18b1 godspeed turbo
10 pounds of Boost on my stock bottom end b18b1