98 civic stock b18b1 turbo merging

Merging onto the highway Stock b18b1 w/ a .60 trim turbo @ 8psi and other bolt ons

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303whp 260trq Stock block and head LS integra
16psi pump gas. Retuned later to 17psi and 328whp on a different Dyno. Still stock block and head

Turbo Integra b18b1 godspeed turbo
10 pounds of Boost on my stock bottom end b18b1

Stock B18b1 Turbo integra
stock ls turbo vs turbo genesis coupe Bonestock b18b1 with precision 5857, spa top mount, rc 1000cc injectors, tial blow off valve, tial wastegate, 3" inch downpipe, aem tru Boost, aem wide ,tuned on crome 10psi gsr tranny

Boosted EG B18B1 bone stock engine
B18b1 tuned on Hondata for 14psi. EBay turbo kit 50 trim turbo and engine is bonestock only thing aftermarket is the clutch and flywheel