AMC AMX H.O. Slotcar Track Racing with Train Crossing

Winter Fun - HO Slotcar Race track has (2) H.O. Train crossings. Tomy turbo Chassis with JL repop R/W/B humpster Javelin body. Race laps, (4) is possible, between catching train at crossings.

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Automated RR/slotcar crossing Part 1
I'm finally making some progress on automating my slotcar/railroad crossing. Please keep in mind the gates will be hooked to slow motion actuators, so this accounts for the delay in the van starting up. It also is the reason why it stops way before the train comes. The photo sensors are tricky to place correctly, and a stable light source is critical for reliable operation. I still need to adjust their position a bit, but I can't until a few more parts are purchased to get the gates moving, Until I get them, I can't make any other adjustments. Thanks, Joe

Layout with HO Model Trains and Slot Cars
Layout with HO Scale Model Trains and Slot Cars with my new Crown Vic Police Interceptors; I do not have the RR crossing in because rthat actually is sort of inconvenient after a while (had it before)

Carrera Slot Car 1957-1960 NASCAR Daytona 500 race night #3.
Visit us at or on Facebook : 6670301889/ Night #3 of our NASCAR Slot Car League here at Monster Hobbies in High River, Alberta, Canada.

Wizzard Storm HO scale slot cars 40ft in 3.5 seconds.
Our 40ft HO scale AFX slot car track. The track base is a 80" x 36" door with a 2" x 3" border, it was covered with felt, the track was laid and attached. The borders around the curves are made from 1/4" cork painted red and white. The Grass is 1/4" astro turf cut and glued down. See how to build this track here: next-le/ USA made Wizzard brand cars pulling 3.5 seconds laps the blue car won the race, timing provided by the Tomy race controller. Parma 45ohm controllers.