AMC AMX H.O. Slotcar Track Racing with Train Crossing

Winter Fun - HO Slotcar Race track has (2) H.O. Train crossings. Tomy turbo Chassis with JL repop R/W/B humpster Javelin body. Race laps, (4) is possible, between catching train at crossings.

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Slot Car and Train Set Life Like High Iron and Burnin Rubber - CRASHES!
Please Subscribe Here: Slot Car and Train Playlist: Slot Car and Train Set Life Like High Iron and Burnin Rubber - CRASHES! HO Scale slot car and train set. The Life Like track, in my opinion, is inferior to Bachmann and Atlas, but the cars performed well and took a lot of abuse! Thanks to my helpers SalaricS and TheyMightBeBricks My other channel: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: NEW! Facebook: Music "Monkeys Spinning Monkeys" by Kevin MacLeod My Bricklink store: My ebay page:

Carrera Bahn FAST LANE Der Film - Planung , Aufbau und Battle Audi vs. Porsche - Digital Slot / D124
Carrera Bahn - Digital Slot 124 - Rennbahn / Slotbahn Ein Film über die Rennbahn - FAST LANE - Von der Planung, dem Aufbau und dem ersten Rennen. Erstellen bzw. Planen des Layout Aufbau der Rennbahn Erste Testfahrten -------------------- One Battle -------------------- AUDI R8 LMS vs. PORSCHE GT3 RSR 25 Runden auf der Rennbahn "Fast Lane" Ein Film mit Manfred und Jim. Zwei verschiedene Boxenstop-Strategien. Welche besser ist zeigt sich am Ende des Rennens. Planung / Layout = 0:30 Aufbau der Strecke = 2:37 Randstreifenteil selbst bauen = 4:09 Fertige Rennstrecke & Details = 7:43 Startvorbereitung = 10:13 Rennstart = 11:25 Mitfahrt im Audi R8 MS = 11:54 Boxenstop 1 - Audi R8 LMS = 12:20 Boxenstop 1 - Porsche GT3 = 13:00 Crash_1 = 13:10 Mitfahrt im Porsche GT3 RSR = 13:25 Crash_2 = 13:47 Boxenstop 2 - Audi R8 LMS = 14:23 letzte Runde = 14:36 Sieger = 14:48 ---------------------------------------- ca. 19,50 Meter Strecke 2 Zusatzeinspeisungen ca. 2,36 Meter Boxengasse 3 verschiedene Kurvenradien (Kurvenradius 1,2 und 4) Kreuzungsweichen und Einfachweichen (insg. 5 Weichen) Runden- und Zeitmessung über PC (Programm xLap) Oktober 2013

Another HUGE HO Slot Car Racing Set with Tyco 440-X2 Red Lamborghini
Another HUGE slot car racing set with the Tyco 440-X2 Red Lamborghini flying around the track. I changed the layout so that I still have a lot of straightaway but also have a lot of challenging curves. Check out how fast I can go on the bank curves in front after the 3rd lap! I started speeding up and then finally crashed at the end. If you'd like to see something different in the layout, just post a comment and I'll do my best to change it up! Since I posted my first video I've been amazed at the number of views it received and have been investing time in trying to find out how I could monetize the videos and somehow turn it into a fun source of income. I've been looking all over the net at how people turn this into home based work. Crazy, but people say this is an easy way to make money! I'll let you know if it works. I hope to make enough money each month to buy that Direct TV package with all the channels! Maybe some of my viewers can lobby for me:) It looks like Australia is the hot slot car market right now, so I hope all of my australian friends from down under will take a look at my other slot car videos and share them with their friends in ASCRA! :) If you like this video, please subscribe and help support my channel! You can also visit me on Facebook at

Slot car jump through a moving Lego train
What do you do when you have an empty living room and a spare weekend? Set up an elaborate arrangement of scale models with an improbable goal requiring untold skill! And here we have it: A jump by a slot car through a moving Lego train - filmed from multiple camera angles complete with outtakes and geek friendly commentary!