SCORCH RACING S15 - EVOME Time Attack Series - Final round - Tsukuba Circuit - 56'6

EVOME Time Attack Series Final Round in TSUKUBA, Japan : 56'6 To read more about this car, visit:

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Revolution FD3S RX-7 laps Tsukuba in 53.6 (HD)
This is not a Yokohama ADVAN car. We were pleased to get the in-car footage to promote time attack / super lap racing. This is the new benchmark time attack car. Well done Garage Revolution for building and tuning it. Christian T Hansen, Marketing Manager Yokohama Australia.

ADVAN Silvia Tsukuba Time Attack Record 52 secs Under Suzuki
Under Suzuki is a privateer time attack competitor from Japan. His goal was to be the fastest at Tsukuba. To beat the tuning shops. He did it in December 2012 with the help of Yokohama ADVAN A050 tyres. Congratulations from all your supporters at Yokohama Tyre Australia.We hope to see you on the podium in Australia at Yokohama World Time Attack 2013

Record Tsukuba
Driver: Keiichi Tsuchiya Car: Arta NSX 2002

HYPER MEETING 2014 in TSUKUBA COURSE 2000 MAX ORIDO RACING D1 V86 TIME ATTACK DRIVER : MAX☆ORIDO [MANABU ORIDO] MACHINE : MAX☆ORIDO RACING V86 ENGINE : Chevrolet LS7 Kai [7.5L] + NOS POWER : 700ps OVER TORQUE : 90kg OVER TIME : 1LAP 58'6  2LAP 58'8 2014/4/13に筑波 ハイパーミーティングで行われた織戸D1-V86でのタイムア タック1本目の車載です。 残念ながらタイムアップした2本目の車載はデータエラ によりありません。 後日VIDEO OPTIONにて載ると思いますので、お楽しみに!! 冬にリベンジします!!