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1979 Yamaha YZ 250 YZ250 AHRMA legal motocross

1979 Yamaha YZ250 tight and race-ready for the AHRMA and other vintage racing events. At the time video was made, bike is for sale and listed on eBay. A second video showing the bike being started and ridden is forthcoming. A big thunderstorm ruined my immediate plans!


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Supercross Classics 1983-1986 - part 3 of 10
You can watch my video of the 1982 Swiss 250 Motocross GP @ Brent449 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x155e9x_1982-swiss-250cc-motocross-gp_auto

YZ Evolution
Ymaha YZ 250 Evolution (1978-2008)

Steve Mc Queen riding a Honda CR250M Elsinore
Steve Mc Queen ride on a Honda CR250M Elsinore

81 YZ 465 first ride
This is the very first ride after resto, nothing impressive, just working the bugs out. Still needs some work, clutch arm popped out of the case, it is worn in the retaining slot area. Jetting may be off, not going to bother with it until the "break-in gas" is gone. Running 30:1 right now and seems a bit lean, but might be fine once I run a normal 40:1 ratio. Hopefully the next video is a real ride, before snow hits the ground.

Dino's 1977 RM 370 - Suzuki RM370
Nothing like a 70's big bore 2 Stroke!

Suzuki RM125 N cold start and test ride 1979
A 1979 Suzuki RM 125 is cold started and test ridden.

Honda 1977 CR 125 Elsinore Vintage AHRMA for sale
watch in HD http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190392811246& ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_1182wt_1167

1979 CR250
It is finished set up of Mr. Ikuzawa '79 CR250. Ready for racing!

1987 87 Yamaha YZ 250 Rebuilding
A totally rebuilding for a 1987 yz 250. We had to change the right inner case which was craked, to repair the Exhaust system, to check the carburetor, to clean all the mechanical parts, change the bearings, add a new sprocket, rebuild the stator with new coils, clean the flywheel, replace the clutch and check the power valve, adjust the rear brake and also giving a general restyling

1977 Yamaha YZ 250 D FU Tube Project
My 1977 Yamaha YZ 250 D Converted to YZ 400 D Assembled and restored with new Wiseco 50-over forged piston (Bored & Honed to 430cc) All new bearings, bushings and seals. Case fully ported, polished & case-matched. Installed aluminum swingarm and shift lever from 1978 YZ. All new plastic and rebuilt/recovered seats. Renthal O-Ring chain &TwinRing rear sprocket. Custom chain guard & airbox cover

Yamaha 1980 YZ 125 Vintage AHRMA for sale
Watch in HD http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-YZ-Yamaha-1980-YZ-125-Vintage-AHRMA-/ 190392814920?

1981 Maico 250 / 490 and 1985 GM 250 / 500
Here's a vid of me starting a few of my Maicos, 1981 490, 1981 250, 1985 250/500

1979 Yamaha YZ400 Evansville
This is my YZ400 firing off.

1983 Yamaha YZ125 Brought Back From The Dead!!
Update 5/20/14: I really miss this bike. It was an awesome runner and never gave me a single problem. Perfect trail/play bike. Ran perfect just how i would believe a new yz 125 would back in 1983. I really regret selling it now. and this is more than 2 years later guys. Update 2/9/12: Just sold the bike for $550. Really need cash. As much as i hated to sell it i feel i got great use out of it. It was a beastly little old machine. In the end the bike was a little underpowered for me, but never failed me and was a great machine. I would definatly recommend this bike to anyone!! Update 6/12/11: Ive finally taken the bike out twice and it runs fantastic!!!! Needs fork seals but other than that its great. I love riding this thing. Feels good to get on a bike again. Enough power for the type of riding i do. If anyone knows where i can find a 6 cup paddle for an 18'' rim let me know. Im going to oceano dunes and i want to try it out there. No hard riding as a 125 is not very good for sand. just to play around on. This is my 1983 Yamaha YZ125. The bike has not been in service since 1989 or 1990 i believe. I got it for free from a friend. His grandpa bought it new in 1983 so its been in his family since new. When i got it home i cleaned out the carb, put fresh gas/oil, a new ngk plug, refilled the radiators, and refilled the trans with gear oil. started in 4 kicks. Not bad!! In this video I had not started the bike in a little over a month or so. I didnt have the choke on either and it was dead cold!! I just need a new chain, brake lever and an air filter and I'll be able to test her out. Another old bike saved from the junk yard!!!

GROS Délire en 125 exc, 125 yz et (50 Sherco affolée lol)
Suis moi sur Facebook http://www.facebook.com/motocross.enduro.1690?ref=tn_tnmn Mon niveau est bien meilleur aujourd'hui la preuve : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v0GJYICcNo&list=UUZrOqrrjlPj3ZGqCnr9vtvA Gros délire avec deux potes: Jossua avec sa 125 yz et Tristan avec sa vieille 50 sherco mdr.On faisait n'importe quoi et on a vraiment beaucoup rigolé XD surtout à cause de la sherco surexité =) en tout cas pensez a aimer si la video vous a plus lachez vos com's abonnez vous pour plus de videos !! ENJOY !! =) Si vous voulez encore du Délire allez voir les 2 liens ci-dessous =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqIDCq7oZqc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YSRZvb8oJQ C'est de la bonne ;)

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