1979 Yamaha YZ 250 YZ250 AHRMA legal motocross

1979 Yamaha YZ250 tight and race-ready for the AHRMA and other vintage racing events. At the time video was made, bike is for sale and listed on eBay. A second video showing the bike being started and ridden is forthcoming. A big thunderstorm ruined my immediate plans!

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Vintage Motocross
After catching the vintage motocross bug when he bought a 1979 Yamaha YZ400 for $650 to race the Catalina Grand Prix, Jamie Robinson sets about re-building his broken down machine and then takes the vintage YZ racing at one of California's most famous Motocross tracks.

Bouw YZ465
Hier de bouw van de YZ465 van Klaas Here part 2 (The race): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veLZlJMGaFE

1979 Yamaha YZ250 post vintage motocross CALVMX AHRMA.mp4
FOR SALE - This is a fully serviced and race/ride prepped 1979 Yamaha YZ250F Post Vintage motocross racer. The bike is crisp, fast and sounds great! Take it to the desert, mountains or motorcross track this weekend.

1979 CR250
It is finished set up of Mr. Ikuzawa '79 CR250. Ready for racing!