1979 Yamaha YZ 250 YZ250 AHRMA legal motocross

1979 Yamaha YZ250 tight and race-ready for the AHRMA and other vintage racing events. At the time video was made, bike is for sale and listed on eBay. A second video showing the bike being started and ridden is forthcoming. A big thunderstorm ruined my immediate plans!

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81 YZ 465 first ride
This is the very first ride after resto, nothing impressive, just working the bugs out. Still needs some work, clutch arm popped out of the case, it is worn in the retaining slot area. Jetting may be off, not going to bother with it until the "break-in gas" is gone. Running 30:1 right now and seems a bit lean, but might be fine once I run a normal 40:1 ratio. Hopefully the next video is a real ride, before snow hits the ground.

Vintage Motocross xr250 chasing yz250 (old thumpers)
How to pass a yz250 on a 1980 xr250. Old thumpers, 7th of feb 2016 Takaka New Zealand

1979 Yamaha YZ250 post vintage motocross CALVMX AHRMA.mp4
FOR SALE - This is a fully serviced and race/ride prepped 1979 Yamaha YZ250F Post Vintage motocross racer. The bike is crisp, fast and sounds great! Take it to the desert, mountains or motorcross track this weekend.

1979 Yamaha YZ250 YZ 250 test ride AHRMA vintage motocross
Test ride of 1979 Yamaha YZ 250 which is listed at auction on eBay at time of video making. Sorry, it sold in a hurry.