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I AM NOT THE GHOST RIDER!! My compile of Ghost Rider. Buy the DVD's URL for this video: My own content: Ghost Rider website:

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[MB]_Best of Ghost Rider (1,2,3,4,5,6) By BataMB (Fan video) 2012 Wikipedia: Official : FB Fan page: Ghostrider is from Sweden and he lives there. He is healthy and alive and his last movie you can order from his official page. turborider ( his friend ) is from Germany and he is unfortunately dead, because he had an accident last year, 2011. Well, there are two persons, Ghostrider and turborider and they are two different persons, so stop talk rubbish and stupid, wrong information about the man who is alive and healthy. So, once again, Ghostrider is from Sweden and he is alive. Maybe, it disturbs somebody but it's the fact and stop bury alive man! 1.Brand X - Battle for glory 2. Brand X - Revolution 3. Brand X - Drums short fuse 4,5. Brand X - Vital Force (2X) 6. Two Steps From Hell - Archangel 7. Immediate - Fatum Plebis 8. Immediate - Shield of faith GHOST RIDER vs.HIGHWAY POLICE [HD] Ghost Rider 4 - Slingerbulten Attack [HD] GHOST RIDER 6.66 WHAT THE F**K (2012) - FAN TRAILER IN MEMORY OF A turbo RIDER [HD] Patrick Fürstenhoff - GhostRider [HD] GHOST RIDER - ''Funny'' Compilation GhostRider Fan Video 2 (2012) [HD] MotorBike Warriors 2012 [YT Vid. Compillation] {HD} PEOPLE ARE AMAZING - NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE [HD]

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