Repair Car's Sagging Roof Upholstery

Here it is on ONLY WORKS ON LINER THAT'S SEPARATING AT THE EDGES! NOT FOR WHOLE LINER REPAIR! SUBSCRIBE & SHARE, YOUTUBE, FB, TWITTER. Video that tells how to use foam adhesive to repair a car's sagging roof upholstery. The cloth fabric on the roof of my car started coming apart at the top of the rear window. It was distracting and annoying when it flapped around when I drove around with the window down. It wasn't hanging down a lot but it would have been if I hadn't caught it in time. I looked for a way to fix it at a car parts store and I came across the can of 3M Fast Foam 74 spray adhesive that I talk about in the video. I sprayed the foam on the roof side of the fabric, without removing the fabric, and pressed it back into place. It went into place quickly and easily and it looks great. This worked for me & it may work for you. - - How to Replace A Refrigerator Ice Maker Motor #cars #headliner #sagging #repair #upholstery #fix #roof #fabric #3m #foam #adhesive #spray

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How to fix car's Headliner with Carpet tape -- tips made EASY -- CHEAP NO GLUE or Spray
How to fix car's Headliner with Carpet tape --- EASY CHEAP NO GLUE or Spray i checked to see to how much it would cost to fix this professionally and it was anywhere from $500 - $1500 to have it replace in my 2007 Volkswagen Jetta Im not paying that, and i found no solution online, so i made up my own This video was created to thank jhverdream from making his instructional video on how to make a case filter fan out of lady's stockings. I decided to give the idea a test run and low and behold it solved the problem better than i could have imagined. Thank you so much to jhvendream again for the amazing tutorial: here is a link: Please watch and subscribe!! FACEBOOK TWITTER TUMBLR PINTREST proposable "proposal planning" "best proposal" "gaming sites" "computer games" "iPhone 6" "new iPhone" "world of Warcraft" diy "how to" funny cats cat rap remix music dubstep teknoaxe #lithotripsy #ultrasound #diy prius subwoofers #headliner #technofridge #diy #repair #automobilerepair FACEBOOK TWITTER TUMBLR PINTREST

How to Repair a Sagging Headliner -- PT 1 of 2
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