Yoot! And HW PPA Case Follow-UP.

4:24 Correction! Dodge Coronet Super Bee, Not Galaxy. Matchbox Ute and HW Estoque. HW VW Beetle Tailpipe variations? Mustangs on the loose! HW and JL Scooby Doo Mystery Van comparison. Angry Birds Red Bird probably good for the Boosters! Beautiful Ferrari California! TwinMill III comparisons. MB Scrambulance Steeeker. Baby Blue comparisons (Superbee and Barracuda). Olds 442. Aston Martin One-77. Pontiac GTO. Chevy Silverado. Toyota Tundra

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Walmart Double Loop Dare Dump Bin
Thanks to 09countryangel for letting me know that the odd case did contain these three Walmart exclusive colors: Black '70 Dodge Hemi Challenger, Orange '72 Ford Gran Torino Sport and Blue'70 Monte Carlo. Check your Walmart stores. They may be getting these special Team Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare 4-sided Dump Bins. The playsets on the bottom were a couple Monster Jam playsets and the Team Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare. They had lots of cases of Monster Jam trucks. I seen the Mutt Mobile and the School Bus but I didn't buy any.

Hot Wheels Case Code 2012 PPA New cars!
I did a PPA follow-up video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFIfy91bqoE These cars will be shipping to retailers late July, early August 2012. The 2013 models will be just around the corner!

Hot Wheels Case Code 2012 NNA Basic Cars Factory Sealed Case
This is the assortments that started appearing in July.

Off The Pegs: Batman The Dark Knight Opening Weekend
I'm not sure if I will be watching the movie opening weekend but I will definitely watch it in the theaters. How about you. On that note, I'm all caught up with the Batmobiles but where is that Matchbox Batmobile! Argh!