198? Toyota Carina (2) cold\old start and offroad drive!

Older Toyotas are great cars! It sat for 4-5 years, and were supposed to be restored, but were halted for some reason. Apparently the head gasket was blown as there was very much water in the engine oil... The oil was greenish\creamish white! Geez! We did replace that with som 8000km used diesel engine oil, and when we poured it in the engine the oil was so thin it actually looked like we poured water in the engine! The car still runs.

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Toyota Carina II 1.6i (1984) engine and exhaust sound

1986 Toyota Corolla Hatchback cold start sat 9 years
Just starting up a 86 Toyota Corolla, the car sat for 9 years this is a start up before I gut the car, I'm going to use the engine and transmission for a project. There were not struts in the back so I couldn't give it one more drive oh well, but it was a reliable car.

toyota old start cold start
this car has not been started for a long time and it needs some real help

1985 Toyota 5 month Carbureted Old start cold start
This is my 18 year old sisters ex car which she needs to get back on the road again it has one of those pathetic toyota carbs, sat a good 5 months and took a bit to start up enjoy