Horse Power Wars Glamis 2010

Horse Power Wars Glamis. New Years Week 2010

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Horse Power War video part 2
Who do you think won

1300 HP Buckshot X2R sandrail Featuring BJ Baldwin in Glamis Dunes.
1300 HP Custom Buckshot Racing X2R sand rail makes its debut in Glamis Sand Dunes Thanksgiving weekend 2013. Baja 1000 champion, BJ Baldwin test drives this beast at Oldsmobile Hill. zShotMedia: Facebook: Instagram:

Glamis 2010 Black Friday
Outlaw Offroad in Glamis 2010. Black Friday.....

Full Potential Offroad Sand car video at Glamis Sand Dunes
An intense look at some of the gnarliest off road cars ever built tearing up the Glamis Sand dunes from a helicopter. Produced and filmed by kirk bender, edited by Scotty Avalos of Desert Syndicate. You can watch with sound at