Dead Space Level 9 Glitch

This is the very end of Chapter 9 (Wreckage) in Dead Space. For some reason, the battery/key for the door is not where it is supposed to be. Some kinda glitch. Prevents me from finishing the chapter/game. Super annoyed here...HELP!

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Dead Space Chapter 10 Glitch
Unlimited Large Med Packs Just so you know, I found this glitch by myself before seeing it on youtube. I already had tried the other glitches on chapter 3 and 4 which I saw on youtube, and when I went there on chapter 10, I said what the heck lets try it here and see what happens...! :) I'm playing it on PS3 and wearing the Red Scorpion Suit purchased at Playstation Store.

Secret Necromorph in Dead Space (Easter Egg)
This is a bit odd... O.O

Dead Space Chapter 10 Glitch Update
Later I noticed that you don't have to go back to the save point for the Med Pack to reappeare. You just touch them go back and its there...! I'm playing it on PS3 and wearing the Red Scorpion Suit purchased at Playstation Store.

Dead Space PENG duplication glitch
Dead Space Chapter 11 Peng Treasure Duplication video. This is an alternate method video for duplicating the Peng Treasure in Dead Space on Chapter 11. This was done on the XBOX 360 version of the game. It should/may work on other platform versions. I haven't tried it and I probably won't. EDIT: Players on PS3 and PC have said it works for them too. The other method involves taking the Peng Treasure to the Security room and making it disappear, like with the Ruby Semiconductor dupe glitch. That method works but it can sometimes be glitchy. It also requires an inconsistent timing of opening a door for the Peng Treasure to reappear, etc. This method, albeit requires a bit more travel, is more consistent than the Ruby Semiconductor dupe in the same area-ish***. The Peng Treasure has always reappeared for the length of time I used it. Note that I only went as high as 50 duplications. That was enough for me and it was worth 1.5 Million Credits. The in-game Store has a max of 999,999 credits so the rest were put into the Safe for later cashing in. ***This method may be done instead of the Ruby dupe and yield you much more money. Like the other duplication glitches (Level 3, 4, 10 and 11 Ruby) picking up the item into inventory BEFORE you are required to will stop the glitch. Saving in the middle of glitching the respective item will stop it as well. Save BEFORE you start to move the items and save to a different slot AFTER you are completely done with said glitch. If, by this point in the game, you haven't gotten the Maxed Out Achievement (upgraded all weapons) here's your chance. One trick I found for this, save your game to a blank slot before buying the remainder of the Power Nodes you need. Then after you Up all the weapons, including the ones you could care less about, revert your save. Taa-Daa, you got the Achievement and your'e back where you were. =) Follow the video and you'll do fine. Happy Boosting! -Dk