1231hp twin turbo DPE Corvette C6 Cruisin

Having some fun

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1020hp supercharged DPE Corvette Easy Break in after Supercharger
DPE Corvettes.com - 2006 C6 Corvette break in after SC install.

1231hp twin turbo DPE corvette break in run
DPE Corvettes.com Supercharged LS402 bigger cam more Boost break in run at 400 miles with my 250 Lb friend for traction ... or not..... sorry, about tilted camera..

2400HP Twin Turbo Corvette at TX2K15 Tearing up the Streets!
When you think of TX2K15, you think of INSANE Cars. This Twin turbo Corvette is nothing short of that ladies and gents. Now sit back buckle your seat belts and put on some pampers! Because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

190mph on the highway in a 1000HP Supercharged Corvette
Vortech YSi Supercharger on a C6 Grand Sport Corvette. (car actually made 1,090 on the Dyno) https://www.facebook.com/BadBowtieProductions Bad Bowtie Productions BBP