konbana med saab 96 tvåtakt

konbanekörning med SAAB 96 tt på saabdraget i Karlstad 2010.

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Västrallyt 2014. Saab tvåtakt, avåkning
Västrallyt 2014. Saab tvåtakt, avåkning efter c:a 5 min

Vintage Saab 96 & 95 & Sonett Transmission Loose Pinion Nut
How to tell if your pinion nut is loose on your old Vintage Saab manual transmission. If it is loose it will make your speedo drop like a Tachometer when you let off the throttle. Especically in freewheeling. A lot of times you will hear a whine too. This will require the transmission to come out and the rear cover will need to be removed to re-tigthen the nut. But on almost ALL V4's your trans is probably shot anyway as the transmission was designed for a 3 cylinder two stroke engine and wears out rather quickly behind the more powerful V4 four stroke engine.

SAAB modelo 96 - motor 3 cilindros 2 tempos.

Erik Carlsson Saab 96 Two Stroke
Video featuring rally driver Erik Carlsson and his Saab 96 two-stroke racer replica (mostly original).