Vw Scirocco window system

Vw Scirocco; opening and closing the side windows and the open sky system by using the remote control.

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How to Open/Close Panoramic Sunroof VW Sciroco [HD]
How to Open/Close Panoramic Sunroof VW Sciroco [HD]

White VW Scirocco with Panoramic Roof at Belgrave Motors
VW Scirocco TSI GT 19" ALLOYS PANORAMIC ROOF 38+MPG for Sale in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

VW Scirocco Commercial
My take on a commercial for the mk3 VW Scirocco. Filmed on location in Burnham and Windsor. Special thanks to Volkswagen, Windsor & Eton Brewery, Scirocco UK, all the people, actors and locations involved, and of course my crew. www.volkswagen.co.uk www.webrew.co.uk www.sciroccouk.co.uk

Scirocco sunroof
VW Scirocco MKII Sunroof