stock m5 vs ASR's 135i 2nd race

The 135i has our turbo upgrade package on it. This package as 3 levels of power 430whp pump gas, 475whp pump with Meth injection, and 540whp 104octane and meth injection. To make it fair, since the M5 was stock, we raced on pump gas. Will post video tomorrow from the inside the M5.

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BMW 135 with RB Turbos (Launching & Drive by)
This video complilation was our first test of the 135 with 1st & 2nd gear traction limited to 10psi to reduce wheel spin off the line and losing valuable time in the process. The car performed admirably with those torque settings on the JB4. Mods on the 135: * JB4 (15ohm) - Map 2 * Rob Beck big turbos * Complete Catless custom Exhaust & Active Autowerke signature rear Exhaust * DCIs * Stett Intercooler * Coolingmist Water/Meth & CMGS Gauge * Stett Charge Pipe & DVs * VMR light wheels * Semi Slicks Rear *Carbon splitters; diffuser & rear lip

BMW M5 Crazy Driving
BMW M5 Crazy Driving And Racing

BMW 135i Exhaust upgrade
RHD down pipes, C-pe custom catted mid section and Dixis Titanium rear muffler.

ASR turbo Upgraded 135i VS. ASR Built GTR. Both cars make 540whp.