GP Monaco 82: one of the most dramatic finishes in F1 History

Riccardo Patrese wins his 1st GP; live commentary by Heinz Prueller [ORF TV]

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Your Favourite Monaco Grand Prix - 1992 Senna v Mansell
F1's Twitter followers overwhelmingly voted for the famous battle between Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell. The Williams driver built a 30-second lead from pole before a tyre problem forced Mansell to pit. What followed was a thrilling duel as Senna held off his rival to snatch victory. For more F1® videos and all the action, anytime, anywhere, visit

Ayrton Senna: Why he's the best - Monaco GP 1984
First podium of Senna on 1984 Monaco's GP under wet weather conditions

HD Last laps of the amazing Monaco Grand Prix 1984, LIVE BBC COMMENTARY
These are the last laps of the Monaco Grand Prix in 1984. Ayrton Senna keeps closing in on Alain Prost, only to be denied his win by the officials, who suddenly declare the racetrack too wet to race on. Live commentary by James Hunt and Murray Walker.

1982 Monaco Grand Prix – Mystery Science Theater F1
The Monaco Grand Prix is around the corner, so before I hate on it, why not take a look at a somewhat decent one? Pester me on Twitter! Like MSTF1 on Facebook! You can watch videos without the silly borders at Visit the subreddit!