GP Monaco 82: one of the most dramatic finishes in F1 History

Riccardo Patrese wins his 1st GP; live commentary by Heinz Prueller [ORF TV]

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THE BILLION DOLLAR YACHT SHOW OF THE MONACO GP!!! | VLOG² 26 Here is where we get most of our music! Gold for a youtube! : Songs: Ikson - Reflect Time - Markvard Watch Janni's vlogs here: Watch more vlogs in this playlist: Business enquiries: Produced by Benjamin Ortega and Jon Olsson.

Onboard Rene Arnoux, Renault RE30B, Monaco, 1982
Onboard with Rene Arnoux in his Renault at Monaco, 1982.

final run PGS Alta Badia 2015: Jansrud vs. Svindal (live)
first ever Parallel Giant Slalom in World Cup, and Kjetil Jansrud beats Aksel Lund Svindal in the final! What a great show!

F1 2012: heavy engine failure
F1 2012 by Codemasters