Robert's Super Fast Explorer

Me going really fast in explorer!

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Ford Explorer VS Mustang HeadsUp Drag Race 1/8mile
2003 V6 4.0,K&N cold air intake,flowmaster Exhaust 3" last cat removed,SCT programmer stage 3. Editors Hit Aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 With Sledgehammer
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96 ford explorer, Ronnie Crawford, 347 ci, vortech s-trim 16 psi, no Intercooler, lenntech aod. 11 sec pass on the breaks after the 1/8 mile. built by Accelerated Race tech in miami, has since been rebuilt with gt42R turbo and 1500hp Intercooler.

Fast Ford Explorer
190,000 mile ford with check engine light on..Ford all the way, eat your hearts out tuners