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subaru loyale turbo 4x4 in snow back in 2006



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Subaru Loyale Hill Climb
Just a short video showing my Subaru's hill climbing power, haha. It was a steep hill, and I made it up with little wheelspin. First time I went up, I was greeted by another vehicle. With no place to turn around, I backed down the hill. Front wheels locked up easily, as you could see me sliding. We chatted for a minute, and I gave the hill another go. Made it up again, and came back down the right way. ;) 1990 Subaru Loyale wagon, 5-speed manual, D/R 4WD, non-turbo EA82, stock ride height and suspension.

1973 Subaru GL1400 Coupe at AlphaCars in Boxborough MA
1973 Subaru with original 63Kmi at AlphaCars. Two owner car (both very caring), Solid Body, minimal under-body surface rust, no structural rust. Car was treated by "Rusty Jones" several times. It has a very solid Maaco paint job that was done about three years ago and holds up really good. Engine has typical Subaru light thumping noise at idle that according to the owner was there for years. Car drives perfect, excellent brakes and new tires, new clutch and new alternator. Very clean interior, minor wear through the driver's side carpet to the left of the clutch pedal. Seats ant trim are perfect with the exception of the driver's seat bolster that has a minor wear.

Motor WTF Revisited: Subaru Leone STi
Motorweek if somebody like Jeremy Clarkson or perhaps someone from Firesign Theatre had changed the format as wildly as the original Top Gear. Featuring the Subaru Leone 'STi" review you've not quite heard of. Some guy driving a Subaru in a circle had to be edited out of the original, sort of. Halfway.

testing the limits of my Subaru L series, nearly roll it!
4x4 Dual Range Subaru, Kumho 14" KL71 27x8.50, 2" lift, King Springs

Dion's 83 Subaru 4x4 touring wagon. 4wd, suby
A few clips taken while out playing in my suby. it's a stocko EA81, Weber, 2 1/2" Lukey Exhaust, and 215/75R15 Hankook muddies.

Drift Busting - Subaru Style!
Drift Busting in my 1990 Subaru Loyale Daily Driver!

Subaru Leone
Клуб Subaru Leone http://leone.clan.su/

Launch Control: Subaru chases mid-season podiums at GRC Charlotte – Episode 2.10
Launch Control - Season 2, Episode 10 – “Mid-Season Restart” The team at Vermont SportsCar works flat out at the shop to prepare the rally and rallycross cars in Vermont before leaving for GRC Charlotte. Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen start the event off with heat wins, but can they convert that to a podium finish? It is hard to believe that, ten races in, Subaru Rally Team USA is only at the halfway point of their long season. The 2014 Rally America Championship and Red Bull Global Rallycross series combine to make a grueling and hectic year. Perspective can get lost amidst the chaos. Team owner, Lance Smith is responsible for maintaining that perspective. With the Rally America Championship clinched for another year, and podium finishes becoming more frequent in Rallycross, Lance must now shift his team’s year-long goals to the next phase. Watch all episodes of Launch Control here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGdK9p5F7fM&list=PL1MTbRON4T882S-XEFu3Stytl AFShrF2M Follow the team on Twitter and Instragram @srtusa:http://www.twitter.com/srtusa http://www.instagram.com/srtusa Produced by Formula Photographic Inc. About Subaru Rally Team USA Subaru Rally Team USA is managed by Vermont SportsCar and proudly supported by Subaru of America, Inc., Subaru Tecnica International (STI), Method Race Wheels, Royal Purple, eBay Motors, RECARO, PIAA and Race Proven. Follow the team on twitter: @srtusa, Instagram: @srtusa and online at www.subaru.com/rally

280 hp subaru loyale
quick first video of my old subaru with my new jdm sti v.4 engine swap playing around on icy road...running very well, but hard to handle on ice when Boost kick's :)...pretty fun tho

Subaru Loyale Snow Drift
Loyale sideway with catless line an a Cherry Bomb !

Inside the Shop at Vermont SportsCar - Subaru Rally Team USA
Launch Control returns September 17th with Season 2, Episode 10. Catch up here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1MTbRON4T882S-XEFu3StytlAFShrF2M Take a peak behind the doors at Vermont SportsCar, the home of Subaru Rally Team USA. In a rare moment, all the competition Subaru's are in the shop, getting rebuilt and prepared between events. While the rallycross cars of Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen have just returned, the rally cars of Travis Pastrana and David Higgins are finished and ready for Ojibwe Forest Rally. The composite, fabrication, and engine rooms are also buzzing with activity. Mid-season is an extremely busy time for the team. -------------------- Follow the team on Twitter and Instragram @srtusa:http://www.twitter.com/srtusahttp://www.instagram.com/srtusa Produced by Formula Photographic Inc.About Subaru Rally Team USASubaru Rally Team USA is managed by Vermont SportsCar and proudly supported by Subaru of America, Inc., Subaru Tecnica International (STI), Method Race Wheels, Royal Purple, eBay Motors, RECARO, PIAA and Race Proven. Follow the team on twitter: @srtusa, Instagram: @srtusa and online at www.subaru.com/rally

subaru leone snow offroad part2
engine 1,8; full-time 4x4, diff lock, lift 2', wheels 14'

matt and his subaru 4x4 wheelin
matt 4x4ing his subaru GL wagon

82 Subaru Leone Touringwagon Leather Version
http://www.kurumabatake.com 初代より頑なに低重心のフラット4エンジンと4WDを採用 続けたレオーネ。スバルのメカニカルアイデアの優秀 は、より進化を遂げレガシィなどに引き継がれ成功を めた事で立証された。本車両は2代目レオーネの後期型 ーリングワゴン レザーバージョン。EA型水平対向1.8OH Vユニットは良好な低中速トルクを発生。素直でリニア 吹け上がりで、1t程度のボディーを軽々と引っ張る。 となっては決して高出力エンジンではないが、バイブ ーションも良く抑えられたナチュラルな回転フィール 持ち味。100km/h巡航は4速3000rpmほどでロングツーリング 十分にこなせる。当時は商用車やバンのイメージが強 った4WDシステムを乗用ステーションワゴンに採用する さきがけ」となった記念碑的モデル。本車両に採用さ ているレザーシートはフランス車風のデザインと生産3 2年後の現在でも劣化・硬化の少ない高品質な素材が奢 れている。シートと同系色で整えられたライトベージ 基調のインテリア。ドア内張りには3種類の異なる素材 組み合わされ、フロアは毛足の長めのブラウンのカー ットでコーディネートされている。スバル4WD=バンの概 念を打ち破るステーションワンゴン発売。当初から輸出 品質とツーリングワゴンのプレミアム感向上に注力して いた先見はすごい。非常に軽いクラッチを踏み込みカチ ッと決まるトランスミッション操作しての走りはツーリ ングワゴンのネーミングに恥じぬ軽快で疲労の少ない走 り心地を実現。フラット4エンジンのフィールなどなか かに味のある走行性能が愉しめる昭和スバルのテイス 満載の1台・・・レオーネ ツーリングワゴン。

Learn About Subaru Boxer Engine Technology
The Boxer Engine is a Subaru Core Technology. Learn about its benefits and advantages. Web: http://www.newroads.ca/blog/tag/subaru-technology/ Visit us online: http://www.newroads.ca/subaru Twitter: https://twitter.com/SubaruRH Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RichmondHillSubaru Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/richhillsubaru/ Stop in and say hi at 11645 Yonge St., Richmond Hill, Ontario Toll Free: 1.888.306.4960

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