Crazy race in the rain

ATTENTION! We strongly DO NOT recommend that you open this video in full screen. The source material was strongly damaged in the decoding process. This affected sound and picture's quality. But we could not ignore these races. Thank you for your understanding ВНИМАНИЕ! Мы крайне НЕ рекомендуем просматривать данный ролик в полноэкранном формате. В процессе декодирования исходный материал был сильно поврежден, что повлияло на качество картинки и звука. Спасибо за понимание.

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Ferrari loses control in the rain
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 Last month on my cross country drive I stopped for a few days in Denver to visit some of my friends that live there. They love to drive just as much as I do so we decided to take both of their F430 coupes out for a spirited drive. One of my friends had new tires arriving 2 days after our drive was planned because he had been driving the car so much the tires were bald. We were struggling to keep up with our friend in the other 430 because the wet roads made it almost impossible to keep traction. The video doesn't show how fast we are actually going but keep an eye out during the video and you'll see we are going at a pretty quick pace! Thankfully we narrowly missed so many objects like the guardrail, telephone pole, and oncoming traffic which was scaring me because I thought we were going to slide into the oncoming lanes! More videos to come of the car drifting, doing donuts, and having fun shredding the tires ;) Please leave a comment and subscribe. Enjoy!

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Moscow Drift (Full version)
CAUTION!!! Do not try do to this on a public roads. All the stunts in the film are performed by professionals on the blocked streets. Watch till the end, a little bonus waiting you at the end of the film. Drivers (Team Dragtimes): Evgeniy Satyukov (1st place in individual competition -- Russian Drift Series 2010) Geprgiy Stepanyan (2nd place in individual competition -- Russian Drift Series 2010) Music: 1) She Never Sleeps (Hans Zimmer and Henning Lohner and Martin Tillman and Various Artists); 2) Fortunate (From Melvin and Howard) Creedence Clearwater Revival; 3) Radical Notion (Hans Zimmer) theme from "The Inception" 4) Mombasa (Hans Zimmer) theme from "The Inception" Shoot on: Canon 5D Mark 2, Sony HDR-550E Programs: Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects Film crew: Andrey Veremeev, Arkadiy Drozdov, Egor Malinka, Oleg Kondakov, Jury Milaev, Valeriy Eremenko, Alexey Kaikov Follow us on facebook:

Trip to Japan Ebisu (Backstage)