Cars in the Bush - machinery - WW2 relics

cars and machinery left abandoned in the Australian Bush . found on the Dampier Peninsula. world war 2 tractor / machinery / army equipment left to rust on a tidal flat

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Mopar Mayhem - All Things Bogan Special
ATB took a trip up to QLD , land of the Bogan to check out a new event for Bogan's with MoPars, MoPar Mayhem !. Forget Holden and Ford Bogan's they got nothing on MoPar guy's n gal's.

Bogan Abroad USA 2013
I take a trip with the Mrs ( she's camera shy ) to California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii whilst filming the majority of it on my iphone. some GoPro too. Great trip , great people , cool as fuck squirrels !

V8 Turbo XB Coupe - " whats the turbo off ? " Thug life - summernats 29
Phil and Greg are chucking laps at Summernats 29 in Phil's super duper choice Coupe when they are accosted by a numpty.

Crocs in the wild - Aussie Outback / Windjana gorge
A Tourist walk through a gorge in the Kimberly ( Western Australia )