3000GT VR4 0-160km/h 13.75 0-100km/h 5.1

No tuning 300hp http://www.carstyling.hu/car_shower.php?id=61407

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Mitsubishi 3000GT Acceleration 0-200 video 2
no tuning 0-100 ~ 5.3 mp 0-160 ~ 13 mp 0-200 ~ 20 mp

3000GT 0-100Mph in FWD Twin Turbo
This is a 3000GT base model converted to Twin turbo on the High compression engine (10.1). Hope you enjoy it. I'm only Boosting wastegate pressure which is around 6psi. My second gear isn't doing great so my shifting was slow, I also found a Boost leak at my BOV shortly after this pull, my clamp was broken so things could of been a bit better... Boost leak test wouldn't even get up to 3psi. This is a FWD not AWD.

3000GT VR4 Top Speed stock!!!!!
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Top speed test 3000GT.
The 3000GT was 100% stock. It reached 275km/h on the speedo.