My Car ( Pontiac Sunfire ) LED Underglow + interi, Very Good

My New Car, with some new fitted interior and exterior lights

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XKGLOW Advanced 3 Million Color 16pcs LED Undercar Lighting Kit
Over 100 changing patterns; $99.99 for complete kit. Advanced UFO style under glow; Wireless control. Visit for more info

Pulled over- Blue Underglow
I forgot to turn off my blue underglow while traveling from Ohio to Kentucky (Going through Lawerencburg, Indiana). I ended up getting puled over..... lol. my bad.

Its Running Great now.. Too bad people don't think to keep an eye on the temperature gauge.. it all could have been prevented....Dam... just a $10 Part...

Pontiac Sunfire Radio Repair and Removal 2000 2005
F R E E - R E P A I R - E S T I M A T E S