07 GT 500 vs Toyota Corolla Drag Race

6-10-09 Lerbanon Valley - 1 round of Street Eliminations

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Toyota Corolla beats Camaro in a drag race
This Toyota has moves you never seen. Recorded in St. Anns Ontario.

2000 Toyota Corolla drag racing !!!!!!!
Was recently given a broken Corolla....After having to drop subframe to fix it, I thought I'd take it racing as I do with all our cars....no matter how slow !!:). Showed the SS ute how it's done.... Going by memory the ute ran a high 12s pass a bit later when he got traction. Good fun though.

Toyota Corolla AE86 vs R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, downhill race
I love that AE86, that guy is one hell of a driver.

8 Second Toyota Corolla Drag Race Crash - CAR TOTAL LOSS, or not?
Update: Just found out, before I even got this video up the car already had a new front end and the rear quarter panel donor was already at their shop. Talk about dedication! Corolla ends up crashing at the end of the track, driver ok, car not so lucky. Carlos Pons en el Silencioso Inaugural Liberty Engines Import vs Domestic Shootout at New England Dragway. 6/23/2012 - Epping, NH