Hitman and Survivor spinning it up Top Dogz style via BoostSA

This is another one from Urban Festival where Jenino Februay -aka- Hitman shares the pitch with team-mate Randall -aka- Survivor. Watch these two work their machines in tandem at the beginning.

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Cole on fire.mp4
Allow me to introduce you to the Boost SA - "Gangsta Edit" .Videos labeled "Gangsta Edit" are quick raw clips from recent car events, no crazy intros, no effects, no slow motion, just raw "GANGSTA" video footage with all the tire screaming, smoke screen, engine roaring action your senses can handle. In our 1st Gangs...ta Edit peep Cole Alexander in the 8TA sierra burning the asphalt....I mean literally BURNING THE ASPHALT @ Drfit "S"

Boost SA Hoonage Volume 2 Teaser
Just to wet the appetites of you tire smoke loving, engine hugging, petrol drinking freaks...here is the trailer for Hoonage volume 2 which will be featured on the dvd which will be dropping very shortly.

Sean February - crazy flipping and throwing crazy tire smoke
Check out our homie Sean February from Top Dogz rocking some insane crazy flips and throwing mass smoke with his 1jz Boosted e30. This is a clip from a little while back so it's still black and without the body kit. That motor is still sweet as all hell though. MAD POWER!!!!

Hitman and German sliding at Urban Festival via BoostSA
Jenino and Shane sliding their e30's at Urban Festival. The edit has a few quick cuts and some slow motion just for effect.