11-5-12 smokey 5.3 non intercooled dyno runs 697rwhp on 3 bad cyls no nitrous

now this motor has always smoked but today whew! she is smokey! hahaha gunna tear it down adn do new pistons and rods and hand file fit the rings, and see what else i can do, shame on me for never really doing a compression test ill never know if it was good or not before i started, still made 697rwhp on a bad slug! 3cyls have low compression currently lol

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8-7-12 Anthony takes the Fairmont challenge
i take two of my co-workers for a drive in the fairmont, Antony's first drive in a big turbo car! we all get to share the experience!

5-26-15 fairmont 5 converter swapping
well still not making any power, trying a known good converter next, then ill try the other longblock i have and completely eliminate anything from the picture

8-26-12 Corey races the fairmont
2 of my friends drove down in the car today and my friend Corey raced, this is with the 4l80e working out the bugs on the launch and the shift points, it hits the 1-2 shift rev limiter and we lowered the shift, seems like i might be out of fuel at 16psi, doing 106 in the 8th pretty easily and jumping on the brakes, hot as shit out today and 1600DA

nitrous tercel death 5-15-11 sloppy mechanics spring 2011 dyno day
this was the next stage in life for the Nitrous beater tercel, we got rammy and cut it all up, and cut the springs, and Exhaust, and roof, and steering wheel, LOL it got some Nitrous and alot of fireballs, eventually took out all the spark plugs, replaced them and sprayed it even more, we killed it later off camera, brick on the gas pedal and i jammed the Exhaust pipe into the timing gear till the motor died.