11-5-12 smokey 5.3 non intercooled dyno runs 697rwhp on 3 bad cyls no nitrous

now this motor has always smoked but today whew! she is smokey! hahaha gunna tear it down adn do new pistons and rods and hand file fit the rings, and see what else i can do, shame on me for never really doing a compression test ill never know if it was good or not before i started, still made 697rwhp on a bad slug! 3cyls have low compression currently lol

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6-3-15 turbo 3300 cutlass 200whp on 4psi
3300 turbo Cutlass on the Dyno, incredible fab work on this thing! stock ecu and maf are topped out easily at 4psi, he will be converting to speed density and turning it up, but what an awesome build, turbo 3300/4spd manual turbo cutlass! whatt?!

7-13-15 driving the turbo silverado with full exhaust
just decided to film while i drove around and trimmed the map a little, total nonsense.

8-5-12 4L80E quick drive
just got it done the other day wanted to show you guys what its like driving around nicely, i have been working on the trans shift tables, and lockup figuring out what i want. trans cooler isnt working well enough so after 30 min or so the trans is over 200f and wont come back down, so this was a quick drive i apologize but it should hold you over for a little haha

6-30-15 Jimmy's First Drive in the Sloppy Built Fairmont
my friend jimmy bought the fairmont, he unloaded it and immediately did this lol, please check out Click Fifth Videos for possibly more from Fairmont 5 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6_a2FtIxuUd641NVLRQfiA