11-5-12 smokey 5.3 non intercooled dyno runs 697rwhp on 3 bad cyls no nitrous

now this motor has always smoked but today whew! she is smokey! hahaha gunna tear it down adn do new pistons and rods and hand file fit the rings, and see what else i can do, shame on me for never really doing a compression test ill never know if it was good or not before i started, still made 697rwhp on a bad slug! 3cyls have low compression currently lol

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11-12-12 motor teardown prep for rebuild
tore it down to find out what we expected, broken ringlands on the tight cylinders and some bent rods, wich is common for gen3 guts at 650+rwhp, looks like everything looks good! im throwing in some gen4 used pistons and rods hopefully getting them tomorrow and hand gapping them loose for Boost!

11-2-12 fairmont motor is ok again
man this thing just wont quit, look how nice this pistons are. as i explain in the video i believe i lifted a head because im finally making big power and also because i bypassed the Intercooler, inlet temps were fine below 120f i was running 26lbs of Boost though! on weak tty bolt and only 65ftlbs tq! haha

6-30-15 Jimmy's First Drive in the Sloppy Built Fairmont
my friend jimmy bought the fairmont, he unloaded it and immediately did this lol, please check out Click Fifth Videos for possibly more from Fairmont 5 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6_a2FtIxuUd641NVLRQfiA

11-1-12 hurt my Fairmont haha
Pushed it to failure today another surprise update later with what it was, enjoy the drive home and comment on what you think it was!