Pontiac Grand Am 2.4L Muffler Removed

Removed the stock muffler and ran straight pipe in its place. the pipe diameter is 2" 1/4, and has slotted end for clamping ease. also installed chrome tip. Not too bad of sound. Also has the stock resonator and cat. converter.

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Pontiac Grand Am K&N CAI & Magnaflow Crossflow Cat-Back
My red 1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE2 3400 with K&N cold air intake, Magnaflow crossflow muffler cat-back w/resonator, MSD 8.5mm Super Conductors, among other things. Walkaround, startup, and rev.

Grand Am GT with no muffler
This is my 01 Grand Am GT with no muffler. There is a Y-pipe in place of the muffler and it is connected to 2 angle cut tips. Please leave comments and messages for me. Thanks

2000 grand am se 2.4l exhaust
2.5" piping from catback with resonator delete, hks muffler with 4.5" tip. This was the last day with this setup and I wanted to get something that looked better, but it's really loud at idle (set for 1000 rpm) and really throaty at full throttle. I got a new dual tip muffler installed today and ill post a vid of it soon. This car will be getting a 3" Exhaust after winter because I will be turboing it and next year it will be fully built and turbo'd ( GT35r at 25 psi) will be 500 hp which is my goal and if I choose I will push more Boost and try for 600hp. A guy named SPY (Robert wilk) will be Doing the build with me, he has alot of knowledge on the 2.4! His 2.4 was 432hp on low Boost with a GT30.

Pontiac grand am 2.4l no muffler (straight pipe)
2000 Pontiac grand am, muffler removed, with cold air intake. Engine: 2.4l quad 4