Rusty Hall In car camera A/SA Shelby

Racing in Fontana Ca

More Videos... - Gary Gardella Racing Crash In Car View Pomona!!
Here is an in car view of Gardella Racing's car crash at an NHRA Event in Pomona, California. Checkout for more videos!!!

Superstock in Car Video
NHRA Superstock GT/I 4-Speed - Tony Fillipone

Ken Montgomery's Triple Nickel In-Car Camera
This is a short video of Ken Montgomery's Triple Nickle 1965 Hemi Belvedere -4 Speed - 9.21ET at 148mph on a 1/4 mile drag strip

in car super stock hemi 4 speed Charlie Westcott
CW sr. making a test pass in the "fishtank" at 131 dragway. Had to lift when the back end came around in 4th gear. Was a fast run up till then.