Rusty Hall In car camera A/SA Shelby

Racing in Fontana Ca

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Rusty Hall CSA Class
Class eliminations in Fontana - April 2009

Steve Ficacci vs Steve Szupka, Atco Divisional 2008
Steve Ficacci vs Steve Szupka Atco Divisional 2008, Stock Eliminator round 1

Ken Montgomery's Triple Nickel In-Car Camera
This is a short video of Ken Montgomery's Triple Nickle 1965 Hemi Belvedere -4 Speed - 9.21ET at 148mph on a 1/4 mile drag strip

in car super stock hemi 4 speed Charlie Westcott
CW sr. making a test pass in the "fishtank" at 131 dragway. Had to lift when the back end came around in 4th gear. Was a fast run up till then.