2003 Navigator off roading

Working a small ledge. First time at this place in upper Wisconsin..

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Navigator in off road park
Went to the Badlands off road park in Attica, IN and did some playing around..

OFF ROAD: Durango vs Raptor vs Pajero and killed Navigator 2
Russia: Moscow off road - ford-trucks-club Raptor - 35; Durango lifted - 33 and russian vodka Состоялась встреча клуба, на полигоне Дженсер. Покатались душевно. Будем рады видеть владельцев полно приводных автомобилей в нашем клубе ford-trucks-club.ru

2003 Navigator 0-100mph
I just wanted to see if & how long it would take to get to 100mph in my 03 Navi.. Not bad for 6300lbs, 300hp 5.4 32v V-8..

Having fun in the Snow
Last March 2009 I was having a bit of fun with my 2003 Navigator.. Got a bit of air getting over the snow pile..