Twin turbo 6.0 Chevelle

Please excuse the camera work. My 8 year old son took it. Car is a 72 Chevelle with a 6.0/LQ4, twin borg S256 turbos and a 4L80 trans.

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Twin Turbo Chevelle looks stock but lays down 1100 HP
This beautiful Chevelle looked and even sounded stock at idle but it layed down 1100 HP on the Dyno and made it look so easy.

1970 ls2 chevelle donut's/power slide's (#1 on youtube!!)
ss shaun's 1970 ls2 powered chevelle doing donuts and power slides. have you ever seen a chevelle do this? i do more than just build these cars. i drive em hard too!

another creation from the wrenchrat team.

Twin Turbo 6.0 LS - 902 HP - 815tq - 22lbs boost
No description available.