Lexus SC 300 with 1Jz GTE Magnaflow Race Series Exhaust sound clip

People have been asking how the Exhaust system sounds and I finally had time to upload a sound clip. Still using Stock down pipe w/ full 3" Mandrel bent piping with a resonator :) **System might be for sale so let me know what you think!

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Do you like 1J sound ?
this car engine is 1JZ. ant T67 turbo so sweet sound engine. facebook twitter!/shoutrogue

Dave's Soarer / SC Dyno tuning after 1JZ VVTI Swap
Martin at Parts Shop MAX USA performed the 1JZ VVTI transplant with custom motor mounts, Intercooler, and Exhaust. The Garrett 3076R takes the car to around 400 hp wile the HKS Fcon V pro is tuned for response unlike any we've seen. Eisuke San from Parts Shop MAX Japan took care of wiring and tuning at Dynomite on mirimar road. Dave could not wait to rev it out on the street because he's been waiting a long time for his dream machine! please visit poweredbymax dot net

1995 Lexus sc400 exhaust
Just a short clip of a cold startup, and revs to 3k rpms... Don't mind the p/s pump, it's loud when cold .. Setup is stock manifolds, magnaflow hi flow cat, and deleted mufflers..

(売約)LEXUS SC430 中古車情報! Vol.10
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