Smokey Nagata hitting 197mph on uk public roads

Top secret supra hitting almost 200mph on UK roads

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‪Skyline R33 1200HP 200Mph through Tokyo tunnel‬.mp4
Skyline R33 GTR Tunnel run hitting 315kmh, driven by Smokey Nagata.

Top Secret Japan Shop Tour
Read the interview with Top Secret founder Mr. Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata... Originally published in Issue 89 of DSPORT / DVD #14

smokey nagata 205mph through tunnel in r33 gtr .flv
Another high speed run from the infamous Smokey Nagata, This time in a r33 GT-R

How much is a 1000hp Supra Turbo worth? Took my Supra to Carmax.
Supra shirts: Took my 1000hp Supra turbo to Carmax for an appraisal to see what they think its worth. ***Social Media Instagram: Facebook: Verbal permission was given by Carmax to film.