mazdaspeed 6 vs. sti

speed 6 on left sti on right, sti has bad launch

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MAZDA MAZDASPEED 6 racing against a EVO IX Both cars were stock turbo.

mazdaspeed 6 vs 2011 sti sedan
my speed 6: cobb intake, cobb ap, cpe tbe, forge bpv 2011 sti: bone stock.... stage 1 races will be coming soon this race happened because the owner of the STi was over confident of his brand new car and thought he would rape me. for everyone telling me "if the STi had this and that it would've won" no shit I'm aware of that.

Mazdaspeed 6 vs. WRX at the dragstrip
Just some fun on a test and tune night at the local track. WRX time: 12.65@107 Mazdaspeed time: 13.25@105 WRX mods: Cobb AP Bigger injectors walbro 255 fuel pump upgraded top mount Intercooler external wastegate downpipe with full Exhaust TPG tuned Owner claimed the numbers on the Dyno were 330awhp/350awtq Mazdaspeed 6 mods: Autotech HPFP internals JBR powerpath intake and turbo inlet pipe Street Unit top mount Intercooler catless Ebay downpipe stock catback Cobb AP 3 gallons of E85 w/ custom tune 288awhp/340awtq Car was heatsoaked, but I won't make any excuses. lol

2006 Mazdaspeed 6 vs. 2014 Subaru STI
We were in mexico, and figured "why not see how our cars stack up." Now, you may say this is an unfair race because of mods, but I have a passenger and a car that weighs 3589lbs bone dry vs. his 3373lbs. My car is over 4000lbs on this pull and I have my mods listed on my other videos. His STI was stock other than an Invidia Cat-back Exhaust. And yes, I screwed the 4th to 5th shift up. It wouldn't go into 5th unless held there for some reason. Enjoy!