Cossie Capri Tunnel Run

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Cossie Capri Tunnel Run 2
2nd run, shame about the wind rush noise

BIGNYK Cosworth Capri - 503 BHP 485 FT/LB
BIG NYK's GT30 equiped Ford Capri Mapped by Mark Shead of MA Developments on Autronic SM4. On its way to 503.6 Bhp and 485 Ft/Lb torque on the JKM Performance rolling Road. visit visit

Scooby v Cossie
A short video I filmed in 2005 on our way back from newlands corner subaru meet, the cosworth belonged to a friend of ours called Mat, we set him up to be chased down by the club for a bit of fun. Popular belief is that I got rinsed out by the cosworth, truth is I lifted off the throttle to let the other guys pass, it would have been a dull video otherwise! This is the original film, the other doing the rounds is without title or soundtrack and was copied from Surreyscoobies without my consent and posted on here.

Fat Capri Cruising up the M40
Here I am cruising up the M40 driving nice and slow so my mate Colin can grab this bit of video from Cliff's VW Camper! There's no truth in the rumour that I'm keeping to the left of my lane to dodge bits falling off the Camper :-) The sharp-eyed among you will see I've removed the blower to make the car more driveable - it may go back on when I have more time to fiddle, but at the moment it's great to have a drive-anywhere car! Satin black paint is new too. Long live Mad Max and the last of the V8 Interceptors.