Corolla XRS vs Lexus IS350 #2

XRS: i/h/e/apexiPFC. Lexus IS350: stock? IS350 gets the jump.

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is350 vs 350z vs m3 vs srt4:
The hunt for el chupacabra IS350 vs350z 350z vs m3 is350 vs srt4 vs 350z Lexus

Corolla XRS vs Honda Civic Si
XRS: i/h/e/apexiPFC. Si: i/h/e/reflash. This was a dig to about 110mph.

Corolla XRS vs S2000
xrs: i/h/e/pfc s2000: stock? 1st gear 20MPH roll

#21 Corolla XRS ('05-'06) vs Lexus IS 300
Corolla XRS vs Lexus IS 300