Corolla XRS vs Lexus IS350 #2

XRS: i/h/e/apexiPFC. Lexus IS350: stock? IS350 gets the jump.

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2007 Lexus IS350 dyno run with exhaust
This is a 2007 Lexus IS350 just after installing the new Lexus performance Exhaust by HKS. Dynograph resulted in a 9.48 horsepower increase.

IS-350 vs Nissan 350z
10 roll....

1/4 mile 05 Corolla XRS vs BMW 335i
05 Corolla XRS vs BMW 335i. I didnt know this at the time but the BMW has a 3.0 6 cyclinder with twin turbos at 300 hp. I have intake Exhaust and a 55 shot

PPE Lexus IS350 Headers - Dyno run -
PPE Engineering Race Headers for the Lexus IS350. Equal length with parallel merge collectors and black ceramic coating. 16whp gain vs. stock manifolds with Magnaflow custom Exhaust and F-sport intake on both runs.