schwinn trike vintage 3 speed GREEN MACHINE bicycle buy it on ebay

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SHTF Bug Out Trike Bike
I picked this up today for 30.00 at a yard sale. I think I am going to install a gas engine on it and put it back just in case. Watching BrooklynPrepper's video inspired me! Thanks for watching...

Custom Beach Cruiser Trike, The "Transformer"
Custom Beach Cruiser Trike made from scratch with Electric motor or Gas engine. You can see the Slide Show of the build at: -Trike-5846379

Tilting Trike - testing video (Final year college project)
A two-wheeled vehicle such as bicycle and motorcycle tilt in the turn to counter the centrifugal forces acting on the vehicle, while other vehicles including three wheelers, motorcar, and the quad bike roll slightly out of the turn. This increases the load on outer wheels and limits the velocity of turning of the vehicle. The goal of this project is to design and fabricate a three-wheeled vehicle consisting of one front wheel and two rear wheels also called as the delta tricycle. Tilting a vehicle can provide many performances and design advantages including greater stability while turning, reduced load transfer to outer wheels as well as the reduced probability of rollover while taking a turn. A tilting tricycle tilts towards the center of curvature of the turn while retaining a vertical position when going straight. The tilting effect is actuated with the help of suspension springs mounted on rear wheels supported by respective wheel arms of the delta tricycle. This tilting action of tricycle results in achieving higher velocity while turning in comparison to rigid frame tricycle. Moreover with a shift in the center of gravity towards the center of the turn, while tilting, the radius of turning is reduced with greater stability of the vehicle. After conducting the study of various tricycles and recumbent tricycles present and going through their pros and cons the final conclusion is extracted to design and fabricate a tricycle that offers ease in a ride, ergonomic comfort and of future importance. The final tilting trike consists of designing of the main chassis for carrying a driver supported by three wheels mounted on the same chassis, the subframe supports the two rear wheels that can lean or tilt with respect to steering. The design of the vehicle is prepared using CAD modeling software Solidworks2013 and static force analysis is done using FEA software ANSYS14.5. *contents of the video can’t be copied or distributed in any sense.

Kit Triciclo Dream Bike
Kit Triciclo criado e patenteado pela Dream Bike capaz de transformar uma bicicleta em triciclos , possui uma catraca especial que proporciona tração nas duas rodas traseiras semelhante a diferencial