More Than Words

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Nuno Bettencourt Shows how to play More Than Words
i know the video in low quality but cant find the other video, but anyways this is better then nothing. enjoy it.

How to Play "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas on Guitar
This is the ORIGINAL way to play the song!the picking is correct!a few chords are played just a little bit different but i think that way it sounds better!enjoy feel free to comment and criticize! Since there is no decent tut out on the web, i took some time.It is my first tutorial video so have mercy! The main idea for this tutorial came from SirEltonJohn(youtuber) who came up with a great tutorial but teaching the wrong picking which you will notice playing the solo part!and everybody is just teaching the INTRO...Here is how to play the whole song now!have fun and keep playing hope it helps! DIFFERENT CHORDS: I play:____________________Kansas Plays: Dm xx0201_________________Dm7 xx0211 D/F 2x003x_________________D/F 2x023x The Guitar i Play is a CRAFTER JE-18! kansas dust in the wind Kansas Dust In The Wind Kansas - Dust in the wind Guitar

More Than Words, ending solo / solo final tutorial.mpg
The original ending solo

How to Play More Than Words - Extreme [Easy Tutorial]
More than words is a very popular acoustic song. It is for beginners who are learning how to finger pick. If you have any questions feel free to comment or go to and ask Sam yourself. How to Play Chorus of More than Words: How to Play the Strumming Pattern: