Transmission slip chuck training video

Dialing in a scrolling six jaw chuck.

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Drive Line Assembly Training Video
Assembly of a drive line.pressing together the component parts.

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Drive line assembly and balancing equipment product line video .

G-Men The Movie 700R4 transmission build
A look in side how a G-Men Transmission is built. This is our Executioner 700R4

Automatic Transmission Slipping (Jeep Grand Cherokee)
The 42RE transmission in my '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee started to slip a little while driving 70 mph on the interstate. The cruise control is set so the bouncing tachometer is due to slippage. EDIT: It turned out my trans was low on fluid although it appeared full on the dip stick. I added fluid just to be sure it was full and was surprised when it took a full quart to make the level move. Started slipping again recently so I thought it was finally time for a rebuild, but that turned out to be a bad TPS on the throttle body. Replaced that and it's solid as ever. So there are at least two things that make it appear as if your transmission is slipping when in fact it is fine.