1989 Honda Civic LX Cold Start

Cold startup of my 89 Civic LX 5 speed. 208K. I bought it for $500 back in July 2009 as my first car. 33K miles later, and only had to replace a starter (original), timing belt (didn't snap), and water pump since I've had it. Only mods include white gauges and center console with armrest and cupholders from a 98 Acura Integra. UPDATE: 10/16/2012 This car is up to 238k and is show no signs of giving up anytime soon. Also I got rid of the cheesy white gauges and am now going with LEDs.

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1993 Honda Accord EX Cold Start
Cold startup of my 93 Accord EX 5 speed. 207K. Car is covered in leaves and pine straw because of a bad storm the other night. I bought it for $1600 in September of 2010 as my second car and second Honda. UPDATE: Sold this car in October 2011 with 218K and purchased a 2002 Nissan Xterra 5 speed with 102K.

Cold Start of My 91 Honda Civic SI Hatch
My new toy I just got. Mods: ZC motor swap lowered on Eiback springs front and rear suspension techniques sway bar full polyurethane bushings throughout chassis GSR Fat Five Rims Stainless Steel brake lines short shifter stage 1 exedy clutch fuel pressure regulator header, cherrrybomb CAT, straight pipe 2 inch to an axle back Exhaust

Honda Civic Cranks But Does Not Start
Hey there Racer Rob Russell here with Integrity Auto Service In Hillsboro Oregon and today's patient is my neighbors Honda. His complaint was it cranks but does not start. The first thing I did was a basic visual inspection and noted that the air filter and fuel filter need to be replaced. I highly recommend both because they are maintenance items, and like I said in the video, I have seen MANY fuel filters become so plugged that they cause the electric fuel pump to be overworked causing it to fail. I then did some diagnostics and verified that there was injector pulse and good fuel pressure. I tested the spark and there was no spark, so I tested powers and grounds= ok. There was no pulse to the coil so this leads to a bad pick up or igniter and the BEST procedure with this many miles on the vehicle (131,700) is to replace the entire distributor assemble with has both units in it. Not the cheapest repair but the most reliable way to do this repair.

89 Honda civic at Autoclub speedway Fontana 2-4-12
1989 Honda Civic 4 door with Gsr motor turbo'd running a 13.2 while bogging the launch and blowing motor at about the 1000 foot mark at Autoclub speedway in Fontana Ca.