Looking back - ' 72 Firebird Restoration

Just some of the photos I have come across of Mrhevyshevy's 72 Firebird Restoration. (more to come as I find and gather the photos...)

More Videos...

72 firebird project
A collection of progress photos from the start, not quite finished yet.

Wrecked 71 Firebird
I restored this car in my carport and backyard. It wasn't perfect but it was nice and it was pretty fast. A non-licensed woman in pajamas hit us pretty hard. Many parts of it will live again on a 72 thats almost done.

Mrshevyshevy - the operator
The wife tried out a 320 Caterpillar today. She didn't do too bad.

72 Firebird- walkaround
My 1972 Firebird built from another one I restored but was totaled in a wreck. If your intrested look at the video of the wrecked one on my channel. it's one of the first videos.