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Ford Aerostar Actuator Rod Repair

Shows how to remove a steering wheel and replace an actuator rod on a 1996 Ford Aerostar AWD XLT. This is an intense repair and it is important to have all required tools before starting otherwise you can easily get stuck and require a tow truck and a mechanic to complete the repair process. If your vehicle won't turn off (turned on, but now turning the key is doing nothing) and you have a Ford (I can't say all Ford owners will be able to use this advice) then pull the ignition switch out (first thing shown on the video is the ignition switch hanging right below the air bag power connector) and pull that metal pin sticking up towards you. This will turn off your vehicle.


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My 93 Ford Aerostar Starts Up After A 7 Year Sleep
Starting it to take it with me when my house gets sold once the water damage is repaired. As I was trying to rock it out of the ground it because it sunk in over the years I did a small burnout with it in the dirt. By the way, doing a burnout with the door open like that. Bad idea, as you can see that I smoked my own ass out. lol This van has served me well. My family took me and my brother on road trips with it and then I took it on my own road trips when I was using it everyday. I parked it in my backyard by my storage unit in 2007 and it hasn't ran or moved since until 1-15-2014. The reason why I parked it was because the overdrive goes on and off until it reaches 70 mph. That and I have to add a quart of oil to the engine before reaching 3,000 miles on an oil change. But it survived my mother over heating it in it's early life before I owned it. It has 271,000 miles on it and I didn't think that it was going to start after sitting for so long with seven year old gas in the tank. But you can see the look on my face in the video that I was impressed that it did. Just by putting a battery in it and getting the starter to loosen up and finally turn the engine over. The reason why I broke the passenger side window is because the door was stuck shut and I was trying to get it open. Why did I park it instead of getting rid of it? Well original I was saving it to take it to Dave's Farm and finish what ever life it had left in it over there. But now I have a new idea. I'm going to take it to a Demolition Derby and have fun with it before junking it. It had a good life and run and now we party.



Ford Steering Column Actuator Repair Step 1: Removal
Video 1 of 3. Sorry for the bad resolution but my camera was messing up on me this day. You can still watch and learn just fine though. This video shows everything you need to remove the housing and other parts on your steering column. Please watch my other videos for tools and ideas you will need for installation.

Ford Steering Column Actuator Repair Step 2: The Repair
Video 2 out of 3 of me repairing my steering column actuator arm. In this video I will discuss the repair process leading up to the reassembly.

Replacing a Rack & Pinion Type Inner Tie Rod DIY
Thanks for watching! Rate & comment on this video, then check out my channel & SUBSCRIBE for more DIY auto repair videos. This is a video showing how to replace an inner tie rod on a rack and pinion equipped vehicle. This on is a 1997 Ford Explorer 2 wheel drive. I made a brief reference to a zip tie on the video & didn't explain myself. I used a zip tie in place of the inner bellows boot clamp on the rack.

Find Spark Plug In 1997 Ford Aerostar
Looking for spark plugs in my Ford Aerostar...lol! I used a hand drill so it took a little longer than expected...lolz!

Ford 10 Cut Ignition Svc.
Ford, 10-cut ignition removal and new ignition installation process. All in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. Yearn to Learn.

Ignition Switch Actuator Pin Repair Installation Video
Ignition Switch Actuator Pin Repair Installation Video demonstrated on a PT Cruiser. The procedure is very similar on Wranger, Liberty and Neon for this part. Part Number 924-704.

V8 Aerostar ( 5.0 HO )
Ford should have made a V8 Aerostar. I got 5 mpg better than the 2.8L V6 5-spd, it sounds better, and its more fun to drive (power). Sitting 1 ½ inches lower with large swaybars made it handle like a car. I've had A LOT of fun with this van, now it's time for a change. If you ever get a chance to be part of the Hot Rod Power Tour I highly recommend it. It doesnt matter if you do the long haul or just one venue, you wont regret it or forget it!!!

Ford Steering Column Actuator Repair Step 3: Assembly
This is video 3 of 3. Welcome to the assembly. In this video I will show you how to completely reinstall all of your steering column components. I hope these video help you. It wish these videos would have been around a long time ago it would have made things much easier for me. If I can save one person some money my job is done. Thanks for watching. Don't forget to subscribe if this helps you out any. Let me know if you have any questions!

1989 Ford F250 ignition lock rod replacement
Some one borrowed the truck and when they couldn't get there key out they forced it and broke the rod. I modified the rod so I could get it in without taking it apart. Then I watched another video and saw that I could have just cut the rod shorter.

Removing Ford Steering Wheel
Disable the airbag before you start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei11NsX97JE How to remove the steering wheel from 1994-1996 ford trucks. 1994 bronco shown. 1992-1993broncos and f150s +1992-1997 F250s and F350s asre similar but do not contain the airbag or any of it's associated components. steering steer clock spring wheel spin remove replace pull puller advance auto parts autozone get in the zone wrench disarm airbag disconnect pulled shaft crank socket 15 mil yank careful do it right stupid fix repair harbor freight

V8-Powered Ford Aerostar
This is a little project my Dad and I cobbled together as a way to find a use for a spare 318 we had, and a the rolling chassis of a 92' Aerostar after it's stock V6 bit the dust. Unless I'm mistaken, it's the only Mopar-powered Ford minivan in the world. We've taken to calling it the "Aeropar"

12 second Aerostar does burnout
XLT Ford Aerostar does crazy burnout

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