Adam Carolla Theory

The Adam Carolla Show Theory on Life and Time, Roomates and Relationships

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Adam Carolla - Religion Like Sports Teams
Adam Carolla discusses why the religion you follow is akin to the same reason you follow a certain sports team. Genius once again. Check out his great radio show out of L.A. on itunes. Good times.

Adam Carolla's rant on things never getting done.
Adam Carolla discusses why thing don't get done. We all need to take baby steps.

ACP - Adam Talks About People Taking Responsibility For Their Own Actions
The Adam Carolla Podcast - June 16, 2010 Adam talks about people taking responsibility for their own action, and taking responsibility for their kids when they do horrible things. To hear the complete podcast visit

Adam Carolla and the root of society's problems
Adam Carolla talks about the root cause of all the problems in our country and gives some insight on how to fix the problems. He make a lot of sense.