geo metro dyno pull at Big 3 Racing big HP

Took a long time to make all 53 hp but it did it

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eaton roots supercharged suzuki swift/metro 1.3 sohc 8v e85
gti rods, vitaras, ported head,mike cove cam 226*@.050/ .395" lift, my intake manifold and step header, eaton/ pontiac gtp m90 Supercharger, 350cfm holley-brpv....15lbs Boost. e85

Turbo Geo Metro dragstrip (Seriously)
turbo 1992 Geo Metro LSI

built geo burnout
kyle's built geo metro doing a burn out.

1994 geo metro with 3tech cam 0-90 run
started off idling in first gear then hit it full and ran through the gears. Third was sloppy because i was starting to make a slight turn. The camera is bouncy because of me cutting the springs so its low now and the suspension bouncy. Lot more bottom end than stock cam and top end just keeps pulling steady to 7 unlike stock cam that gave up after 5