geo metro dyno pull at Big 3 Racing big HP

Took a long time to make all 53 hp but it did it

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built geo burnout
kyle's built geo metro doing a burn out.

Turbo Geo Metro Build
This is my 1992 Geo Metro 1.0L 3 cylinder 3 speed automatic. This car had a measly 55hp and the same in torque and could barely get out of its own way. So I decided to turbo the car. I pulled the turbo from a Volvo 940 and the Intercooler from a Saab. I bought a small arc welder and made the manifold, pardon the ugly welds but it holds. Equipment list: TD04H-13C Saab Blackstone Intercooler Boost referenced fuel enrichment through the CTS 2 inch Exhaust with one resonator and a glasspack at the tip I am in the process of changing the turbo to a Garrett T-25 with a different Intercooler, so I will post up as the project progresses!

death of a metro
a lot of Nitrous on a geo metro on a Dyno

1972 Plymouth Duster 1/4 mile run on dyno 10 sec car
10 sec car on pump gas, street tires, and through mufflers. all with a small block mopar. Here at Big 3 Racing we make it go fast