geo metro dyno pull at Big 3 Racing big HP

Took a long time to make all 53 hp but it did it

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1997 Geo Metro - AifFilter Mod
I got a tip from JohnFromSpace that if I remove the air filter tube I gain extra HP. So I did it.

Geo Metro Suzuki Firefly Turbo Head Gasket G10T 3 Cyl G10 Pontiac
Head gasket on the Firefly turbo blew so I decided to do the water pump and timing belt at the same time. It's a pretty basic tutorial and I didn't get to specific with details, but I hope it helps some peeps. Remember to buy new head studs whenever you remove the head as they are stretch bolts and can't be re-used.

Turbo Geo Metro G10T Swap Suzuki Swift Cultus
A quick vid of the in and out of the G10T from one shell to another. The motor mounts are different on manual and auto cars so it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

Mustang GT vs Geo Prizm w/ 32psi
Ford Mustang vs Geo prizm