1979 trans am 4 speed Dec 2009 part II

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Metal Health Trans Am.wmv
This is mostly the same as the Don't Stop Video but with different music. This is set to Quiet Riots Metal Health. I listened to this song a lot in this car.

70 Trans Am Ram Air III, 4 Speed, original, restored.
70 Trans Am Ram Air III, 4 Speed. Came in only White with Blue stripe, or Blue with a White stripe. The Blue interior was standard, and really looked good with the White car and Blue stripe. The Ram Air III motor didn't need any improvements. This one is numbers matching and went through a 2.5 year total restoration, completely taken apart and rebuilt to new. $ 45,000. Mike 248-249-0627

2017 Unveiling of "The First Born Bandit" Pontiac Trans Am
2017 Unveiling of "The First Born Bandit" at the 40th anniversary of Smokey and the Bandit in Jonesboro Georgia What is it worth? -This is the 77 Special Edition Trans Am that appeared in the dealers brochures of 1977, but its really a 76 SE 455 4 speed, 1 of only 110 ever made and the earliest Vin known (considered #1) and kept as demo car by Pontiac. Not having a T TOP car when the photo-shoot was due forced them to use this76 SE t top model as palliative to solve the emergency (thanks God!) -If this car wasn't available in that moment, the printing of the catalog would have been delayed and as a consequence the photo would have not land3ed in the hands of Hal Needham, known director of S & B movie, leaving the possibility open to choose another sports car, which would have changed history and the faith of all TA enthusiast. -This car was recently deemed by Burt Reynolds "The First Born Bandit" it even has a certificate and is also autographed by him. Iconic cars doesn't show up very frequently to the public eye, in the recent years some have surfaced and sold for astronomical dollar figures: -Steve's McQueen Shelby Cobra Daytona coupe from the movie "red line 7000" sold for $7,2 million -1966 Batmobile sold for $4,6 million last year -Aston Martin DB5 James Bond movie $4,6 million -One of the Eleanors sold for $1,000.000 in 2013 -Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car sold $805.000 -DeLorean Back to the future 1 of 7 built $541,000 in 2011 -1977 Trans am not used in the movie but titled under universal's name sold $550,000 Since there are no cars from the Smokey and the bandit movie left as they were all destroyed and this car being directly responsible for making the 77 SE the iconic bandit car, how much you guys a car like this would be worth?

1979 Sundance Yellow Trans Am
quick look and drive in a 4 speed trans am