Cadillac CTS-V Racing Coupe racecar

Testing at Sebring Raceway

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Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab - lapping a 2017 CTS-V
Had fun on November 18, 2016 spending the day with Cadillac at COTA at their performance V Lab. Very well-run event with some incredible cars, the ATS-V and CTS-V. Couldn't quite push the cars as much as I wanted, but it was all good considering it included a lot of participants with zero track experience. Thanks again to Cadillac for a wonderful event!!! Was happy to set the fastest autocross timed lap of all the 70+ participants in an ATS-V. From a near stop, the CTS-V was able to rocket to 152mph on the back straight. This is a very quick and balanced car. Very impressed with it. The ATS-V was even more nimble and direct-feeling. Was maybe slightly more impressed with it than the CTS-V due to it's very light and nimble feel. However, both cars are amazing and I'd have a hard time picking one to buy when you factor in the price.

Cadillac V-Performance Lab at COTA
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