THE REBUILD - The tear down and frame prep.wmv

This is the rebuild of my 1979 ford F250 which I am the soul owener I bought the truck new in 79 it's original colors are candy apple red and wimbildon white. The blue ford in the vidio is a donor truck, all that is beening used is the frame. All the work so far is done mainly by me, except the sandblasting and painting of the frame. Iam only at the rolling chassie stage as of now, but be patient more to come , and by the way FORD stands for FOR ONLY REAL DRIVERS. BE cool. Ps yes it is only 2 wheel drive, but it has never let me down. There is another vidio called The rebirth. wmv, which'.s shows the complete rolling chassis . Please Comment

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A buddy needed a quick frame patch on his 57 chevy, so figured it was a good time to show how you guys can fix frames. If you dont care too terribly much about how it looks this is a great method. Otherwise you can spend more time making it look nice with grinding down all the welds, etc. Did this in 10 hours. This is going to be a rat rod, so I like showing the hard lines of what I have done. I have also repaired frames with a formed channel being placed inside or outside the original frame- but that is more costly. For more how to videos make sure to check out & subscribe to my channel!!

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As a part of hotrodding my latest truck project I've removed all the old paint and rust off the front frame rails and crossmembers using a wire brush cup wheel on a Peanut Grinder. Next I sprayed the entire front end down with Easy Off Oven Cleaner and scrubbed it in really well and then rinsed everything off with water. Next I sprayed the entire front portion of the frame down with the POR-15 "Prep Ready" to etch the metal and prepare it for the POR-15. After this step I again washed all the residue off and then dried the frame till it was bone-dry using a Metro-Vac MetroBlaster SideKick to use air to blast out all the water. Metal has to be bone dry before applying POR-15 Paint. After the frame was completely dried I applied the POR-15 using a quality paint brush and the results came out awesome! The front part of the frame looks better then new and it will never rust, at least not in my lifetime. -Mike Phillips