Cbr Attempting Burnout, FAIL!

Ray attempting to do a burn out, even in water the Italian man could not spin the wheels, He's about to cry. My turn ;] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjFEeV-KtSw&feature=channel_video_title

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Full of fail
The progression of failure. Song - Everything is ending - by Chameleon Circuit

Graham Flips a Stoppie Roc 2012
My good buddy flipped a stoppie and got hurt really bad. he shattered his femur and collar bone and fractured his hand. He doesn't have health insurance and cant work so he really needs our help. Yes its stupid to not have health insurance and do what we do but the reality is we are all broke stunters and cant afford it. We do what we love and put all our money, blood and sweat into it. please support your fellow rider!! anything helps and please spread the word!!! The fundraiser PayPal is GRAHAMPION@YAHOO.COM PLEASE SUPPORT! PLEASE SHARE! You can also support by going to this link and buying a Graham T-Shirt http://stuntride.com/vbstunt/showthread.php?t=43545 Filmed by : James Redden

Motorcycle fail compilation - No music
Just a 'lil compilation of bike fails from the net that I threw together! Thanks to all contributers...Youtube won't let me write a list of contributers so sorry for that! Don't forget to like, and subscribe as I will be doing more fail comps like this!

cliff jumps
blueness i forgot to put my clip in there.