Powercruise 2011 Taupo 64 XM Falcon Coupe

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1964 XM Falcon Deluxe Wagon.
XM Falcon Deluxe Wagon for Sale.

Powercruise 2011 Track Cruising etc
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supercharged rx4 wagon big flames at powercruise taupo 2011
missus recorded from my brothers 400hp batty

VB V6 Turbo commodore burnout @ Powercruise Taupo 2011
Unfortunately only got up to 2nd gear this time due to breaking the 3-4 selector fork straight away on the pad. Earlier on in the day we blew a T5 gearbox while cruising on the track, spent a good few hours on the grass pulling old box out and placing in one we had only recently picked up as a spare, car was jacked down and driven straight into the line of cars ready for off street drag racing, once that was over the car was entered into this burnout comp where box number 2 conked out. 45 minutes of driving = 2 dead T5 gearboxes, not bad for a v6! For those who don't know of this car already, its a 81 vb commodore with a v6 out of a s1 vn, T70 turbo fitted to log style manifolds, engines is original bar reground cam, check out my other videos for more of its drag runs etc.