Worlds Highest HP 5.3 Motor BLOWS UP on DYNO @ KC2K13

World recording breaking stock bottom end 5.3 blows on Dyno.It has been through 80 bottles of Nitrous 2 years of turbo in red dragon and now a successful run at being turbo in this Camaro.It was a great run for this all stock bottom end car.

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Acura Integra 4 cylender haters this is for you
This guy drove all the way from Oklahoma. This is an interesting setup car it looks completely stock on the exterior and inside but makes 800Hp. This was a funny sight to see all the domestic guys talk a bunch of shit about the car until it made 750Hp. Then everyone got quiet and thought WTF. .

check out the tires in this video during the pull looked crazy to watch in real life. this is a bad ass truck guy makes 1100 wheel like nothing and is a great driver as well.

GRAB A LANE ,LMR c6, 510 cst-v, turbo mustang, Inline built evo, Power fab z06 streets of texas
This is the start to a Texas based series called grab a lane.there is no place like Texas we have the most street racing in the world and that's a fact.

Worlds Fastest Supra's Street Racing At TX2K13 #SAWTX RAW FOOTAGE
This was some of the worlds fastest Supra's racing down some back roads cant wait till this year kicks off for some more tx2k14 fun.