Bucky Lasek Rebel Rock Racing

Bucky Lasek racing Rebel Rock Racing's 07 Porsche Cup car at a PCA Cal. Speedway enduro event.

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Bucky Lasek tire blowout save
Bucky Lasek racing a 07 Porsche 997 Cup car going into turn 7 at Sebring when the rear tire blows out at over 130mp. It happened as his crew chief was asking him how things were going. Notice his hands on the radio button about to answer when the tire goes and how the one hand goes to the shifter trying to get it down shifted due to it feeling like a gear box lockup.

RECARO Bucky Lasek Profile
Pro skateboarder and rockstar behind the wheel, Bucky Lasek, takes us for a ride in his daily driver, a Porsche 996 Twin turbo.

Rebels Racing Stock Car Crashes 2011
A selection of crashes for the 2011 Rebels Racing Stock Car Season (http://www.rebelsracing.com). Racing footage by Shell Colclough and Paul Tucker.

Bucky Lasek Rail Grinding His Subaru STI At Global Rally Cross Texas
Watch as Subaru Factory team drive Bucky Lasek aligns his vehicle perfectly to perform a flawless gap to 50/50 rail grind in his racing Subaru Rally Cross STI! Unfortunately, immediately after the car broke the rear axle upon impact and wasn't drive-able anymore.